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19 September 2019

Protos 480 to come back
Refurbished model by XLPower

The model was known as MSH Protos 480 before, which becomes XLPower Protos 480 now. The company not just brings the model back but it presents some changes as well to make it better.

Protos 480 to come back

The model has got bigger main gear and also dual one way bearing on the main shaft, Two versions will be available: a kit with motor and the other one with no motor. The motored one will have the XLPower 4015.

Also the future prices got published as well. The kit with motor is $388, the kit without motor will is $299. Pre-order will be available at the XLPower distributors and retailers soon.

Tamas Levardi is flying the original MSH Protos 480