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19 September 2019

Marius Gehle with SAB
Marius chooses Kraken to fly

Marius Gehle just joined to the Team SAB Heli Division - announced just now on Facebook. He is going to fly with SAB Goblin Kraken helicopters in the future, but other sponsors unaffected. It is supposed he will be flying with Kontronik ESC and Egodrift motors in the future as well.

Marius Gehle with SAB

This opportunity is given to Marius by Stefano Baiardi and Enrico Bernabei, SAB leaders with the assistance of Filip Ban. It was known something is happening as he announced his leaving from his former helicopter team earlier.

The 18-year-old German pilot from Gütersloh has got the 3rd place at Global 3D in Expert class, and he shows a great effort to promote brands represented by him. He also attends many events across Europe and performs a genuine activity in the hobby.