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17 September 2019

ManiaX at Heli-shop.com in Austria
Batteries supplied by the new distributor

ManiaX announced a new distributor - Heli-shop.com - therefore the ManiaX quality LiPo batteries are now available in Austria locally as well. The announcement happened Tuesday morning on the Facebook.

ManiaX at Heli-shop.com in Austria

ManiaX is working hard on its supply chain recently, this is the next step to make all products available for more and more users. The cooperation has began at the Hungarian Heliwood 2019 festival earlier in August.

Filip Ban ManiaX representative and Fritz Schuller, team pilot and representative of Heli-shop.com met at Heliwood in Hungary, where the first steps happened with our active help - including the management of some language barriers through 3 languages. As Filip does not speak German Fritz does not speak English and none of us speak both languages, the communication could happen in English-Hungarian then Hungarian-German translations. And finally the agreement was born and now the ManiaX batteries are also available in Austria.

As ManiaX promised further announcements to come.