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16 September 2019

Mitch Marozas at Team Miniature Aircraft

Mitch Marozas has joined to Miniature Aircraft since his last announcement. Mitch is now flying Whiplash 730E from the company.

Mitch Marozas at Team Miniature Aircraft

Not a long time ago Mitch has announced his leaving from his former team after a really long time. And based on his announcement, this is not just a simple change, a further sponsor, this is like a dream becoming real, as he expressed on his Facebook page:

For those who don't know, I grew up watching Bobby Watts fly his Miniature Aircraft Stratus in the early 2000's. I must have watched his IRCHA noon demo video hundreds of times. Soon after that I got my first 700 model, a MA Stratus (which I still have today).

After more than a decade he returns to his roots and switches to the models he started with. 

As it's known Mitch (21) has been competing since 2008, and since then he has been sponsored by one heli company so far. This is his first big change since he has got the first sponsorship.