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02 September 2019

BOB - Blades Over Buckminster
Fun fly as family activity

BOB - Blades Over Buckminster: a little bit different from other fun fly events as this time everything was more about families rather than just about the pilots. But thanks to BMFA even passing the tests was possible throughout the weekend.

BOB - Blades Over Buckminster
Photos: Zsuzsanna Bogdan / Click for more...

Three flight stations were set. And a really chilled mood surrounded the weekend. No stress, no rushing, just enjoying ourselves - this was BOB. We don't know why, but somehow the general mood was a bit more relaxed than anywhere else before. And even so, it was a great event as it was.

More families, even more pilots gathered there. BOB - despite the name - wasn't a loud attraction. But it is honest and well enjoyed, an unmissable event for the future. 

Many tests have been passed, the fourth flight station - dedicated for the tests - was busy all the time. And all the normal flight stations have been busy all times. Despite the strong wind, blades were over Buckminster all weekend long.

BOB - Blades Over Buckminster