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30 August 2019

SAB Goblin Kraken in Yellow-Blue scheme
Not just the colours different

The first few Krakens in this colour scheme are flying already across the world. And the luckiest ones could see them in real life as well. But what are the differences between this one and the "old" orange one?

SAB Goblin Kraken in Yellow-Blue scheme
SAB Goblin Kraken / Click for more images...

Obviously not just the colours as many people may think that. The new scheme covers some changes as well. This is why the new canopy structure (including the side frames and the tail boom) is lighter, and this becomes sensible when both versions are kept in hands at the same time. But the lighter doesn't mean weaker. As SAB promised the durability is the same in both cases.

Next to the canopy colour variation there are some extra upgrade parts, which can make the helicopter even lighter. All upgrade elements make the total take-off weight about 200 grams lighter comparing to the original release. These are the titanium shafts and the new blade grip arms.

Replacing the frame elements only will make a significant weight difference. And regarding to the preferences of the pilot and the environment flown at, and the yellow-blue combination sometimes makes it more visible.

SAB Goblin Kraken in Yellow-Blue scheme