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29 August 2019

BOB - This weekend
Blades Over Buckminster

Only 1 day left until the air gets noisy by rotor blades over the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. The first attendees have arrived this afternoon, but everything is still quiet there. This has to change on the weekend.

BOB - This weekend

BOB is a great fun fly in the BMFA National Centre. There will be multiple flight lines, many places to fly. A good company will be gathering there. As this is the last weekend of the summer, it is a good place to say good bye to the most active period of the season with a good party.


Also there's a chance to pass the BMFA A or B test as examiners will be provided. Flying is £8 per day also the camping is available for £8 per night. Visiting is free.

The only thing which can ruin the weekend is the weather, but come on, we are in the United Kingdom.

Due to BOB, the EMHC Fly-in day on 31th August is cancelled, however the Scale day at EMHC is not affected.