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16 August 2019

Heliwood 2019 begins tomorrow
What to know so far

Heliwood 2019 will begin tomorrow morning at 10AM in Hungary. The festival is two days long first time. Everything to know so far is collected here.

Heliwood 2019 begins tomorrow

City council of Halásztelek prepared the area where the event is located. The main tents are set, smaller tents will be ready tomorrow morning. First pilots are testing the flight line, like Filip Ban, and the local ones.

This year the event is sponsored by many companies: Egodrift, ATModels, AccuRC, XLPower, SAB Heli Division, Rotor Tech, ManiaX, The Best 4U, Soxos by Heli-Professional, Tarot are all sponsoring the event. The media background provided by jetfly.hu and - of course  - by us. These companies are sponsoring the event on different ways, but without their help this event cannot be as good as it will be. 

Filip Ban has arrived to Hungary this afternoon, Kan Poonnoi is supposed to arrive tomorrow morning. Antonio Gomez Rosado had to cancel the attendance due to a family problem.


The programme

Because Heliwood is a Fun Fly, flights are expected all day long at the main flight line, but there will be some extra programmes.

The timeline for Saturday

  • 1000 Opening gates
  • 1100 Official opening ceremony
  • 1200 Full size Schweizer 300 demo and landing
  • 1300 NaIv cup - heli rounds
  • 1400 NaIv cup - amateur round
  • 1600 Family raffle
  • 1900 Closing gates

Timeline for Sunday

  • 1000 Opening gates
  • 1500 Family raffle and kids' drawing competition ceremony
  • 1600 Modellers' raffle
  • 1900 Closing gates

All day long on both days: 

  • Fun fly
  • Demos
  • Kids' programmes
  • AccuRC demo

The two raffles

There will be a family raffle, with heli and rc heli related gifts, more useful as memories as the organiser EMH SE decided to split it up: "What can a family do with a battery or with a pair of blades".

And there's a modellers' raffle: Among many other prizes there will be an Align T-Rex 300X and an XLPower Protos 380 by ATModels, an XLPower Protos 380 by XLPower, A Tarot 550 from Tarot, an SAB Goblin Fireball kit from SAB Heli division, many ManiaX batteries, Rotor Tech rotor blades and so on.