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16 August 2019

AccuRC 2.0.9 released
Contains new models and airfields

AccuRC 2.0.9 is out since yesterday. The newest release is available to all AccuRC users. It has got some really anticipated extensions and perhaps your version is updated already.

AccuRC 2.0.9 released

The 2.0.9 has got the Mikado Glogo 690SX, so all AccuRC users can fly Kyle Dahl's masterpiece. And if you want to be more authentic, choose one of the new locations like the current scene of Global 3D in Venlo or the IRCHA 2019 center stage.

And this version contains few upgrades as well, like the refined rotor disc blur, and many existing sceneries are reworked and tweaked a bit. The horizon got readjusted, more objects are included in the collision detection, so you can fly less likely through objects with no problem.

AccuRC users have got the update via Steam client already.

AccuRC at Heliwood

The latest version of AccuRC is available to try this weekend at Heliwood.