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09 August 2019

Marius Gehle leaves his heli sponsor
Decision announced after 2 year long cooperation

Marius Gehle has announced that he decided to leave XLPower after a two year long period. The announcement is nice no anger shown at the parties. Details not published apart from a hint about a new cooperation.

Marius Gehle leaves his heli sponsor

There are many ways to leave a team, Marius has chosen a nice one by appreciation of the past cooperation and saying thanks to Cindy Wong and Ra Kabun. Marius has achieved many results for XLPower, he has been flying well memorable shows during this period.

We asked Marius to tell us more about the reasons, but as he informed us, he is about to make the next announcement about something exciting, however this is not the time yet. He wants to finish the cooperation with XLPower correctly, then a new journey can start.

In his announcement he also appreciated the great team of XLPower and the guys. 

Although he is leaving XLPower now, Marius remains the heli team manager at Egodrift, it seems no matter which brand comes to Marius, the motor will remain Egodrift. And this announcement has not mentioned  his ESC sponsor, Kontronik either.

Marius has got the 3rd place at Global 3D in Expert class with XLPower, Egodrift and Kontronik sponsorship recently. This is why XLPower has got 3 out of 6 top places at Global 3D and became the most successful brand at the competition.

More to come, stay tuned.