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07 August 2019

Egodrift to bring Kan Poonnoi to Heliwood
IRCHA double winner flies in Hungary first time

It is a last moment action indeed, but Egodrift could manage Kan Poonnoi's journey to Hungary. Kan - double winner of IRCHA 2019, and 3rd at Global 3D in Master class - will be flying at Heliwood and the Hong Kong company makes history with him in Hungary.

Egodrift to bring Kan Poonnoi to Heliwood

Kan's journey got organised in the last moment, and EMH SE - the organiser of Heliwood - announced Kan on last Saturday. And the reason why this is historical: Kan will be the first non European RC helicopter pilot flying in Hungary, and he is also the most successful RC helicopter pilot coming in the country.

Before him not even one Master class pilot shown up there earlier - except the only Hungarian 3D Masters 2011 pilot in Master class: Jozsef Mojzes. Kan got the 3rd place at Global 3D in Master class recently in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Kan is known about his amazing freestyle flights, that is his own format. Also Kan is the pilot who can manage even difficult situations pretty well as he has proven it at Global 3D last time. When something doesn't go right, like a damaged tail during the flight, he was able to save that critical situation, thanks to his lightning fast reaction.

And what to expect from him? Well insane flights and a real show in Kan Poonnoi style. And who knows what else is in the pocket of Egodrift, as they have unique surprises at all events they attend. Might people at Heliwood can see something new from the company.

This is a unique occasion in East Europe as well, as Kan or similar level pilots are not so typical there. It is an unmissable chance to see him flying in real life not just for Hungarians, but even people in other countries in the nearby. Perhaps the next chance to see him next time in real life will be the Rotor Live in Iffezheim, Germany next year.

Even Egodrift, the company will be at Heliwood first time, and they are not just represented, the company itself will attend. This is also a historical moment as factory has never ever participated in any RC helicopter events before Egodrift.

And thanks to Egodrift Heliwood will host one more company on the highest level: Tarot. This is why the just released Tarot 550 and 600 models can be seen at Heliwood in real life, and this is the premier of these models in East Europe as well.

Before Heliwood the model was seen at Helifest, then at Global 3D so far, Heliwood is the third occasion when the model is presented to the public. Only very few of them are in Europe so far, not even one in East Europe. Egodrift will bring many many things to Hungary. It worth to visit there between on 17-18 August, next to Budapest.