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07 August 2019

Filip Ban presents the new version of Kraken
The new colour scheme flies at Heliwood

Filip Ban will be flying at Heliwood and what he brings there: the blue-yellow SAB Goblin Kraken. This new helicopter just got maidened and ready to fly in Budapest.

Filip Ban presents the new version of Kraken

Filip Ban - pilot of SAB, ManiaX and Rotor Tech - informed us, the new Goblin Kraken will be presented at Heliwood. The model was seen at Global 3D recently, however it was a static model only. This is the first time in East Europe when the helicopter flies for the public (most likely this is more whole Europe than East-Europe only). And this is the first time when Kraken flies in Hungary at all. Come to see the new Kraken and Filip Ban at Heliwood.

On top of that, Filip promised some extra show as well, he is preparing a really spectacular surprise for the crowd. What will it be? We cannot tell more, it is guaranteed, it will be amazing.

Filip also offered buddy boxing for the luckiest ones - prepare your VBar controller.