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05 August 2019

Tarot 550/600 on the market
Prices and configurations announced

Tarot has started to sell the new eagerly anticipated Tarot 550/600 helicopters this Monday morning. All variations and prices are now public and as we expected, all prices are really good - although European price is not known yet.

Tarot 550/600 on the market

The helicopter has released in four different variations. The 550 size has got the green colour finally whilst the 600 has got the red one. It is true, they are vice versa compatible, therefore the colour schemes fixed just for the retailing versions, it is possible to exchange them.

Both 550 and 600 have got two editions: standard and pro. The standard editions come with few plastic parts and with no tail and main blades, whilst the pro editions will arrive with RotorTech main and tail blades and some parts, like the tail control arm, the belt support pulley and tail mount made of metal.

Prices and variations

The 550 in standard version costs about £230, the pro edition is £310. The 600 standard edition is available for the same £230 with few pence difference, and the pro edition costs £340 pound at Tarot. Essential kits have got released for both the 550 and 600 versions containing KST cyclic and tail servos, a spare battery tray and an Egodrift Tengu motor. The price of the essential kit is about £275 for both versions, the difference is only the colour of the spare battery tray.

Tarot 550/600 on the market