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05 August 2019

F3C/F3N World Championship
Momentary results from Germany

F3C/F3N World Championship is taken in place in Germany right now and throughout the whole week. The first preliminary rounds are finished and the results are now published in both competitions. Pilots have completed two rounds in F3C and a set manoeuvre and a freestyle round in F3N.

F3C/F3N World Championship
Source: F3N GBR / Facebook


The order at the top 5 places haven't changed between the first and the second round. The Swiss Ennio Graber is still the first followed by Hiroki Ito, Stefan Wachsmuth, Shinya Kunii and Masatoshi Iso.

Then the order changed from Nick Maxwell, Steve Roberts, Eric Weber order. Eric Weber came up to the 6th place, whilst both Nick Maxwell and Steve Roberts got back by one-one place.

The current order

  1. Ennio Graber (SUI)
  2. Hiroki Ito (JPN)
  3. Stefan Wachsmuth (GER)
  4. Shinya Kunii (JPN)
  5. Masatoshi Iso (JPN)
  6. Eric Weber (GER)
  7. Nick Maxwell (USA)
  8. Steve Roberts (GBR)
  9. Marc Emmenegger (SUI)
  10. Thomas Rettenbacher (AUT)
  11. Alessandro Del Lungo (ITA)
  12. Sascha Kunz (GER)
  13. Martin Fäh (SUI)
  14. Frieder Völkle (GER)
  15. Mark Christy (GBR)

It's not over yet, but Johannes Melen (SWE), Lunjie Li (CHN), Ronald Van Lent (NED), Krister Thortensson (SWE), Fernando Irisarri Sanchez (ESP) wouldn't be in the finals if the preliminary rounds were finished now.


After the first set manoeuvre and the freestyle rounds the result list led by Kenny Ko. Then Nick Maxwell, who's flying in both series is following Kenny. Luca Pescante is the 3rd apparently followed by our Duncan Osbourn. Peter Hsiao got the 5th and Callum Henson and Aaron "Phatflight" Cole are the 6th and 7th so far. Rasmus Jakobsen got the 8th place after the first two sets.

Momentary order

  1. Huan-Chen Ko (Kenny Ko) (TPE)
  2. Nick Maxwell (USA)
  3. Luca Pescante (ITA)
  4. Duncan Osbourn (GBR)
  5. Yu-Che Hsiao (Peter Hsiao) (TPE)
  6. Callum Henson (GBR)
  7. Aaron Cole (GBR)
  8. Rasmus Jakobsen (DEN)
  9. Sz-Hao Chiu (TPE)
  10. Zhibo Guo (CHN)

The pilots will be flying one more set manoeuvre and a music rounds, so Kim Jensen (DEN), Dave Fisher (GBR), Matthias Neubauer (AUT), Dominik Oberhauser (AUT), Felix Braun (GER), Sebastiano Argenti (ITA), Mirko Menna (ITA), Dejie Yuan (CHN), Elias Huemer (AUT) and Yunjia Zou (Duncan Zou) (CHN) still have the chance to get in the finals.