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05 August 2019

AccuRC 2.0.9 Beta available
New scenery and new model

AccuRC 2.0.9 is now available in beta version. The new version contains some really anticipated additions and more fixes, feature changes. The beta release contains all changes from the previous test version, the alfa as well.

AccuRC 2.0.9 Beta available

There are two really important scenery extensions

  • The location of Global 3D in Venlo
  • The location of IRCHA 2019

The new model

  • Mikado GLOGO 690 SX

Other changes

And there are many changes as well like added light reflexes, refined opacities, new blurs on blades like : AZ700, Cyclone, MSC Rapid, SAB Thunderbolt, VTX, Zeal. The horizon has also changed at the Lee Runway and the Airfield Hangar to make it feeleng more accurate. Also the shadow calculation got fixed at medium render quality, no more missing shadows.

Finally more objects exist for the collision calculation at some airfields: 3D Champs, Airfield Hangar, Lee Runway, MF Emskirchen, MFC Niederrhein. 

Interesting feature change that the display of switches on the right side disappears after 3 seconds and remains invisible until any change affecting it. There are some minor tunes and fixes as well.

When the test phase has completed successfully, these changes will get in the production release as well, users will have to do nothing, Steam will upgrade the software.

AccuRC 2.0.9 Beta available