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31 July 2019

NaIv Cup: Who's the fastest pilot?
Competition at Heliwood - not a speed cup

This is a unique competition which will be held at Heliwood. It has a long history in Hungary but totally unknown in other countries. Not the helicopter, the pilot's knowledge counts.

NaIv Cup: Who's the fastest pilot?

NaIv Cup - named after the two inventors, Sándor NAgy and István IVán. Pilots have to fly on a challenge course among poles. The enemy is the clock. And not just the speed counts, when you land your precision also important. Each centimetre from the landing spot means one second on top of your time result. Let's see, who's the fastest and most precise pilot.

The course

There is a rectangle shape of poles. Three sides of the rectangle made of poles. Each pole is three metres apart from each other. You have to fly them around in a slalom. Then you have to complete the challenge. The challenge is a ball on a table, you have to push it down. Then the limbo comes. A limbo rod on two metres high, you have to fly it around. Landing comes. Land on the spot, which is the start as well. When you touched the ground, you are not allowed to lift the helicopter again. Each centimetre distance between the middle of the landing spot and the main shaft means 1 second in addition to your time results.

Whilst you are flying it doesn't matter where the helicopter faces to, even better, you don't have to stand at one particular spot, you can walk with your helicopter along the course. There are few simple rules:

  • Follow the track.
  • Don't touch or cut the poles
  • Don't crash your helicopter
  • Don't fly over the safety lines (which are enough far from the track)
  • Be as quick as you can, land as close to the landing spot as you can

You are allowed to make slight modification on your helicopter to complete the challenge task. You are allowed to install crossing rod on the landing skid even a longer one, therefore you are not forced to push the ball sideways. But don't install too long, because that can make the helicopter unstable or hooking up on the poles, or getting hooked on the ground easier.

If you cut, touch the pole or you crash your heli, you are out.

Three categories

The competition is held in three categories. NO FPV allowed at all. All aircrafts have to be flown in VLOS.


Only collective pitch helicopters are allowed to fly. All sizes above 200 are allowed. Smaller helicopter is not able to push the ball down. maximum size is 550, however bigger helicopters are allowed but not recommended in special cases. The size (and weight) of the ball in the challenge will vary depending on the size of the helicopter flown. Stable basic flight capabilities are required.

This category will have two rounds, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. The better time result counts.


This is for beginners, people want to play. All flying models with appropriate capabilities are allowed up to 1 kg takeoff weight (including the battery). It can be FP, CP, coaxial helicopter or even multicopters, drones. This is a one round competition.


Exactly the same as the Amateur category, but with the maximum age of 14. This is a one round competition.


Who else could judge the competition better than the original innovators. Therefore Sándor Nagy és István Iván will lead the competition.

Sándor Nagy

He is the former CEO of EMH SE as he known NaSa. He has been flying with RC helicopters for many-many year. Sándor started to fly in 1995 with Robbe Mosquito helicopter. He was the CEO of the EMH SE for almost two decades. He was the lead judge of the Hungarian National Championships.

István Iván

He is also former judge of Hungarian National Championships. István started to fly around 1995 with Robbe Mosquito as well.

Both judges have got their deep experience in jurying and the NaIv cup is their innovation.

Registration forms

25 pilots can fly in each category, therefore EMH SE will open a pre-registration form today. Hurry up, until the places last. Follow the event page to see the registration form published.

And the registration form is here: https://forms.gle/NfVJJtLcwnaP1vXX9

NaIv Cup: Who's the fastest pilot?

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