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30 July 2019

Matthias Neubauer chooses Egodrift
New member of Team Egodrift

Matthias Neubauer is a known member of the Austrian RC heli community, he has been flying with RC helicopters for many years. And now he has joined to Team Egodrift officially.

Matthias Neubauer chooses Egodrift

Egodrift is strengthening across the world, especially in Europe, but Austria is a kind of home country of the company, this is why so important, how the company is represented there. Matthias is attending and flying at many events, he has been seen publicly at Heli Challenge 2019 in Switzerland recently. He is the reigning champion in Austria.

Matthias will attend at the German World Cup with Egodrift motors in his Align T-Rex 700 helicopters, which starts this weekend and will end on the following weekend.