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30 July 2019

Dave Fishers' home robbed
Thieves take helicopters, transmitters and other values

Dave Fisher has posted this morning, whilst they were sleeping in their home, thieves have broken into their house and they have taken many things. The only fortune, nobody got hurt among them.

Dave Fishers' home robbed

They have noticed in the morning, their home have got broken up during the night and many things have gone. The list of missing things (among others):

  • Two Mikado transmitters
  • Futaba 8FG
  • Futaba 14FG
  • Two Align T-Rex 700X helicopters (fully equipped, including Mikado VBar Neo)
  • Align T-Rex 700L helicopter (fully quipped, including Mikado VBar Neo)
  • Align T-Rex 700N with OS 105 engine and Mikado VBar Neo
  • Align T-Rex 470 with mini VBar
  • Panasonic Lumix camera & a camera gimbal

All helicopters of Dave and Summer Fisher have gone. The Panasonic camera was bought by Skye (Summer's sister, Dave's daughter) to her filming projects from her saved money. This problem never comes at good time, but this is even worse as the Fisher family was supposed to travel to the German World Championship now with these helicopters to represent the United Kingdom there. And now there are no helicopters, all the preparations are ruined.

 The only luck, the outcome of a similar burglary could be even worse, if they would have woken up, at least they are all right and nobody got hurt. 

But please, keep an eye on the second hand advertisements of these things and please inform Dave Fisher, Julie Kim-Fisher or the police if you see something suspicious. 

Dave Fishers' home robbed