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30 July 2019

Adam Plumbridge member of Team Hely-shop
OXY now represented in the team

Adam Plumbridge, the OXY Heli Addict is the latest member of Team Hely-shop - announced Tuesday morning. Adam is known by his addiction to OXY helicopters.

Adam Plumbridge member of Team Hely-shop

Surprisingly Adam is not an old flyer. He joined to the hobby in January, 2018, then he has made a really great progress in a year. But the experience and knowledge gained by him in this short time worth many years of experiences, especially in Oxy helicopters, as he owns all models available and he knows even hidden details about them. He is a real evangelist of Oxy helicopters. 

His knowledge will help the Team Hely-shop to make the coverage of models even wider. His progress can inspire everyone what can be achieved in a short time with real dedication. 

Adam helps even our mission, he has published the Oxy 5 build review here at rchelicopterhu.uk recently.