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24 July 2019

OXY Nitro? - yes: Oxy 5 Nitro
Luca Invernizzi reveals the big secret

The Oxy community was excited for a while now, because few blurry news were posted about the nitro heli from Oxy/Lynx helicopters before. Smokes, nitro engine, exhaust pipe, but nothing certain of specific - until now.

OXY Nitro? - yes: Oxy 5 Nitro
Source: OXY Helicopter - Facebook

And finally, Luca Invernizzi, revealed the brand new Oxy 5 nitro edition. Even the Oxy 5 is not an old model, as it got unveiled at Rotor Live 2019, and now the nitro edition is introduced at IRCHA 2019. The luckiest ones can see the helicopter at the event. 

As far as we know, the helicopter is still in prototype phase, and it is not known yet when the Oxy 5 Nitro will be released. That is also usual, the price is unknwon at this stage. The specification is not defined, but based on the size of the helicopter, it is assumed, the engine is a 50 nitro engine, as the 30 cubic inch engines are not available anymore. 

The Oxy 5 in electric version is getting a popular model, it is expected, the nitro one will achieve a similar success.