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16 July 2019

Heiko Fischer joins to ManiaX Team
He chooses ManiaX LiPo batteries for his helicopters

Heiko Fischer who's known by his "tiny toy" helicopters at Kontronik has joined to ManiaX Team - announced on Facebook Tuesday morning. Heiko will use these batteries in his performance helicopters.

Heiko Fischer joins to ManiaX Team

And probably this is not an accident. ManiaX is getting a significant brand in the RC helicopter market. This is due to the quality of their LiPo batteries. As he expressed 

I tested those batteries for a while now and I only can report good things! No drifts on cells and continuous power all the time! 

This opportunity given by Alex Liu and Filip Ban from ManiaX.

We are also testing the ManiaX batteries now, and we have no long time experience yet, but the initial results are pretty promising.