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12 July 2019

Soxos Australia becomes Egodrift distributor
The authorised reseller receives the first batch in days

Soxos Australia announced that the company is now official distributor and authorised reseller of Egodrift motors on the southern continent - Dennis Beilby, Soxos Australia informed us Friday morning.

Soxos Australia becomes Egodrift distributor

The company is listing Egodrift products on their webshop now, and the first Egodrift motors - including the Tengu helicopter motors as well - is on its way. Dennis Beilby from Soxos Australia, Vincent Offenbeck and Yutao Zou from Egodrift made the agreement recently during the Global 3D event in Venlo, Holland.

As Mr. Beilby expressed, he is amazed by the quality of the products and the huge success of the company, this is why he decided to join to the growing Egodrift reseller group. The announcement also available on the Soxos Australia's website.