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11 July 2019

Global 3D 2019
Saturday summary

The second day of Global 3D was even busier than Friday. The second part of Round 1 was held this day. And also the Speed cup ended on Saturday. During the night the Night flight competition would have been held, but the rain arriving in the evening made it impossible.

Global 3D 2019
Photos: Zsuzsanna Bogdan / Many pictures in the gallery, just click...

The freestyle rounds were held on Saturday in both Expert and Master classes, and the Flight to music for the masters. All flights went really well despite the light conditions caused by the clouds, so the day wasn't as sunny as Friday. More crashes happened, like Jason Lin crashed his Specter 700 once in form of a bouncing back. Lukas Vacek also crashed his Goblin, and Heng Kitchana had to use the "Get out of the jail", yellow card due to a really spectacular crash.

The loser of the day was Lukas Bißlich. He was flying a really nice one, but his freestyle round was abolished, because the judges have seen him flying through the safety line. According to the Global 3D rules, when a contest pilot flies over the orange cone line (safety line), the round is not valued, and the score is zero. Lukas tried to appeal, but all judges decided to refuse it. 

Demos were really spectacular. Dunkan Bossion, one of the judges flew twice: a really jaw dropping demo with an SAB Goblin Kraken just to prove, why he is elected as judge, then the Tortuga airplane. Kyle Stacy was flying a smoky demo, with the Kraken. One of most memorable demo was the Egodrift demo, when Ludovic Abrignani and Marius Gehle crashed each other's helicopter. Ludovic's Goblin has survived the midair collision with smaller damages, however Marius Gehle's Specter 700 has landed in many pieces. The Goblin just sliced the Specter up.

Egodrift demo - collision at 8:56

The Kontronik held a really nice demo with Heiko Fischer and the scale  CH-46 tandem helicopter followed by many other helicopters. Xnova, SAB, GAUI, XLPower all held good demos, these videos are available on Youtube.


Also memorable: the Girls United. Kim de Weese was flying first time after an about two years long break - as she became mother, and Simone Zunterer turned up at the flight line in really feminine style: high heel shoes, skirt, like at a party. It's not so typical when a lady is flying, but it is extraordinary, when she is doing it in high heels and skirt. A real WOW moment. Rachel Plant was flying on te left side, and a new joiner Joelina Klages got introduced.

Speedcup results

The Speedcup results were celebrated on Saturday.

  1. Marc Rodewald
  2. Miles Dunkel
  3. Ryan Chiu
  4. Diego Torazza
  5. Peter Hsiao

Night flight 

The night flight got cancelled. Unfortunately the rain has arrived around 7PM, and it didn't stop raining until early morning, therefore the competition became impossible. Global 3D had to cancel the competition around 10PM.

Global 3D 2019