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09 July 2019

Gaui NEX6 in third quarter
Which one do you prefer: nitro or electric?

Gaui presents a new conception, which is called Gaui NEX6. No need to decide at the purchase which one you prefer: nitro or electric, because the NEX6 is electric and nitro at the same time.

Gaui NEX6 in third quarter
The Gaui NX6 / click for more pictures...

Gaui has got an idea recently: what if a helicopter can be both at the same time. And they've created the NEX6, the electric-nitro helicopter. The 600 class model supports both power with no structural changes. The only difference: which power source goes in, and that is up to the owner.

When the nitro is chosen, the engine goes into the front as at any models. But when the winner is electric, then the motor goes in the back just in front of the tail boom. Batteries can go to the space of the nitro engine.

The model will be available in more versions - as Gaui informed us at Global 3D: a cheaper one with plastic grips and plastic tail, and a pro version, which will be supplied with all metal parts. By their plan the kit will contain the blades as well, but the helicopter is still in test phase. Price is not decided yet, we expect a middle range pricing. 

The model will be on the market around autumn.

Gaui NEX6 in third quarter