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06 July 2019

Dean Tamsett joins Helyshop flight team
Second addition this year at the British team

Dean Tamsett is the second new member of the team this year. Dean has been flying for 14 years, but he started to compete just 9 years later. He is a Sport class pilot with various results.

Dean Tamsett joins Helyshop flight team

Dean flies with Align T-Rex 700 and XLPower Specter 700 helicopters, but when he started to fly there wasn't FBL, so he is one of the flybar pilot generation. He has flown Century Hawk helicopters before, therefore Dean's experience is wide and deep. He is also EMHC (Eynsford Model Helicopter Club) pilot.

As the captain of the team, Alan Robinson expressed:

 We feel he will be a great asset to the team and look forward to helping and supporting him so he can progress.