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05 July 2019

Friday at Global 3D
Flights, flights and more flights

Friday went really well. Luckily it was mostly sunny. There were many great flights, really good competition results and not that many crashes.

Friday at Global 3D
Global 3D Friday / Photos: Zsuzsanna Bogdan / Click for more...

Friday started a bit cloudy, but later even the sun decided to come over with a little wind, but all together the day was more than ideal for flights. Not too many technical problems and only few crashes happened throughout the day.

The only terrifying crash happened during the Egodrift afternoon demo, when the tail of Kan Poonnoi's helicopter gave up in the mid air during a really fast pirouetting manoeuvre, and he had to manage the situation. The helicopter broke out towards the flight station and the tent of the judges, but he could crash it nicely just few metres far from everyone.

Bert Kammerer has arrived early afternoon, he had a crazy long and not to happy flight from the United States. Raqeul Bellot had to cancel her attendance in the last moment due to a family problem.

The morning began with pilot briefing then photo shoots. First real program was the set manoeuvre for Expert pilots. The round went really well,  all pilots could fly in the round. The current results:

  1. Vava Boonmala
  2. Henrik Clausen
  3. Thanawin Kiatgungwalg
  4. Heng Kitchana
  5. Fabian Kloß
  6. Aaron Cole
  7. Kuno Kang
  8. Wessel Haast
  9. Samuel Jensen
  10. Jason Lin
  11. Lukas Vacek
  12. Hamish Scott
  13. Marius Gehle
  14. Ludovic Abrignani
  15. Pascal Lipke
  16. Maximilian Zick
  17. Yan Müller
  18. Matthew de Wilde
  19. Lukas Bißlich
  20. Simon Hatz
  21. Lilian Many
  22. Rachel Laura Plant
  23. Matteo Lefebvre

Then the next round was the speed cup. If you have never seen these helicopters to fly, then you don't know, how it sounds and looks when these helicopters are zooming through the air with about 300km/h (190 miles). It is shocking indeed. 

The third main programme was the Master set manoeuvre round. In this round Mirko Cesena had no result, everyone else could make it. The order after the round in Masters class

  1. Sakkarin Kongthon
  2. Kenny Ko
  3. Marik Wiehenstroth
  4. Kan Poonnoi
  5. Ryan Chiu
  6. Kyle Stacy
  7. Peter Hsiao
  8. Mariano Suarez
  9. Tim Kostorz
  10. Rasmus Jakobsen
  11. Luca Pescante
  12. Chatchawit Kamsawang
  13. Robin Lipke
  14. Mirko Cesena

After the competition and between the programmes demos were presented. Dunkan Bossion flew twice: once a Goblin Kraken proving that he is a judge not by accident. He presented a jaw dropping demo again. Dunkan flew the Tortuga fixed wing in the afternoon.


All the team demos were really enjoyable: Egodrift, SAB, Kontronik, Gaui, Mikado and other demos, Kyle Stacy's flight with the red smoking Kraken, Team Mikado with Robin Lipke, Kyle Dahl, the ladies and so on, all very memorable and unmissable flights indeed.

In the late afternoon Global 3D opened the fun fly, where the registered pilots could get the Global 3D feeling. Flying at the flight line where all the bests around the world are flying is something emotional. 

This is a bit personal to us, but event Toncsi (Antonia Bogdan-Szabo) was among the firsts flying there with her XLPower 550 and age of 9 years all together.

The daily mood and feelings were provided and translated by Nik Johnson and in the afternoon even Bert Kammerer helped him. If you follow these guys, you know that hearing and seeing them together is kind of elevated, a kind of mix listening the commentator and BKPodcast together. If you are in the hobby, you know that, real emotions indeed.

Tomorrow morning Global 3D continues. 

Friday at Global 3D