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30 June 2019

Michael Platts in Team Hely-Shop
The UK team gets its newest member

Michael Platts is the latest joining member of Hely-Shop flight team from today - announced on Facebook Sunday evening. Mick flies SAB, Gaui and XLPower models.

Michael Platts in Team Hely-Shop

Michael is flying for 8 years now, he started with 450 - as most of the pilots. As he expressed:

Within weeks I was hooked and I have never looked back

Mick has got more brands in his fleet: SAB  - including Nitro - Gaui and XLPower Specter 700. He started to compete in 2018, and he has got the 5th place at Helifest in Sports recently. Mick is not just a successful pilot, he likes the social side and community life in the hobby as well.

Hely-shop looks forward working with him together.