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27 June 2019

SAB UK Team restarts
Just in: Initial members announced

Enrico Bernabei just announced the first two members of the new SAB UK Team: Alex Hawtin and Petrus Bothma. Both pilots are well known and recognised members of the UK RC helicopter community and the are great SAB ambassadors.

SAB UK Team restarts
Alex Hawtin and Petrus Bothma

Enrico Bernabei published on the Facebook page of SAB Heli Division

We would like to welcome co team captains, Alex Hawtin and Petrus Bothma into the SAB family. Both have shown their undoubted commitment and support to our brand.

Alex Hawtin is an active competition pilot, he has got the 3rd place at Helifest recently in Pro class. Alex is really supportive member of the RC heli community also, this position and the responsibility is a well deserved recognition of his efforts.

Petrus has got about 40 years experience in the hobby, he will be giving the technical expertise to the team. They are the captains of the new SAB UK Team, their responsibility is rebuilding the UK team which got dismantled recently by Enrico Bernabei recently .