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26 June 2019

Alan Robinson joins Team Egodrift
Announced by Egodrift

Vincent Offenbeck, chairman of Egodrift announced, Alan Robinson is now Egodrift pilot officially. Alan was a de-facto ambassador of the company so far, as he one of the enthusiasts among Egodrift fans.

Alan Robinson joins Team Egodrift

Alan Robinson is one of the really active member of our community. He is the leader of the Eynsford Model Helicopter Club near to London, he is there at almost all UK events and he attends many other European venues as well.

Alan is competing actively, he finished in the 7th place at Helifest recently. Alan also supports all community members with information, technical helps, settings and sometimes, he helps even for us. This opportunity is well deserved, because Alan recommends Egodrift motors since the company entered into the RC helicopter market.

Alan is not just team pilot, he is the official UK coordinator for Egodrift, and he is taking the responsibility of operative tasks as well.