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24 June 2019

Polite warning from Egodrift
Not all Egodrift like motors are genuine

A warning popped up from Egodrift this morning. Many of us have known already, but please be aware, not all motors with Egodrift branding are genuine. if you want to get an Egodrift motor, purchase it from trusted source.

Polite warning from Egodrift
Dear all, please be aware that the Egodrift FPV motors being sold through banggood are not original egodrift products. Don't buy clones, support your Authorized resellers

This message popped up this morning by Vincent Offenbeck from Egodrift. Many of us have known already, but not all motors are genuine motors on the market, and the clone ones are cheaper, however the quality of them is also questionable. And this is technically a theft. If you buy a clone one, not even one penny goes to Egodrift. If they don't make income, they can't pay their people, if they can't pay their people, they can't make further developments. The hobby faces this problem time by time, So please be aware.