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17 June 2019

Helifest 2019 - wonderful year again
A short summary and competition results

Helifest 2019 closes the gates for this year, but the countdown has started to the next one. Helifest 2019 was even greater, better than in the previous years. Despite the weather, many pilots, even more people attended Helifest, and all competition rounds, demos and programmes were taken in place without any cancellation.

Helifest 2019 - wonderful year again

This year Helifest has got new sponsors, new companies. Heli-Professional with soXos helicopters, Tarot joined to the known sponsors, AT Models, Midland Helicopters, SAB and XLPower, Egodrift, Align and Team Mikado, and first time this year the British Hely-Shop became official sponsor of the weekend.

Due to different problems, mostly the gusty weather, we had to watch many crashes, much more than usual. But we got even more amazing demos and flights. One of the most memorable pilot and flight in the competition was the Rachel Plant & Bret Haughton alias Ironman show. It was a great choreography, fantastic idea, beautiful flight. It is hard to raise anyone without offending others, because all flights were amazing. Dunkan Bossion presented his knowledge again, but Marius Gehle had great memorable flights as well. Teams of Soxos, ATModels, SAB, Hely-shop all demonstrated why we love this hobby.

Two premiers happened on the weekend: Tarot 550/600 was presented in action to the public first time in the world at Helifest. Also world first unveiling was the brand new Egodrift 2520HS 1880kV 450 class motor.

The list of overseas pilots attending was also notable: Kyle Dahl, Robin Lipke from Mikado, Raquel Bellot, Gabriele Rovere, Yan Müller from Team soXos, Marius Gehle XLPower/Egodrift, Dunkan Bossion, Filip Ban from SAB.

Charity is part of Helifest every year. People at Helifest have raised £1391 for the "Children with Cancer UK".

Competition Results

Sport class

  1. Andy O'Leary
  2. Nick Stroud
  3. Mike Francis
  4. Rory Mac Sweeney
  5. Mick Platts
  6. Thomas Edwards
  7. Alan Robinson
  8. Gábor Szalontay
  9. Stephen Boardman


Inters class

  1. Ivan Adams
  2. Summer Fisher
  3. Duncan Khan
  4. Rachel Plant
  5. John West
  6. Bill Gwinneth
  7. Jim Saunders
  8. Chris Morris
  9. Ricardo Smith
  10. Dean Tamsett
  11. Mike Revuke

Pro class

  1. Duncan Osbourn
  2. Aaron Cole
  3. Alex Hawtin
  4. Callum Henson
  5. Dave Fisher
  6. Stuart Smith
  7. Ethan Williams
  8. Mariusz Jastrzembski
  9. George Isaacs
  10. Simon Hildrew

Congratulations to everyone!

We are processing all contents now and in the next days. More photos, videos are coming.

Helifest 2019 - wonderful year again