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17 June 2019

Heli Challenge this weekend
Dübendorf, Switzerland

The next big event in Europe is the Heli Challenge in Switzerland this weekend. Many great programmes offered throughout the weekend. Don't miss out, if you can.

Heli Challenge this weekend

As every year, various teams and many pilots will be attending Heli Challenge in Dübendorf. There will be Lukas and Simon Hatz from Team Mikado.

Mr. Kyle Dahl from Mikado and Scorpion is travelling from the UK to Switzerland, so there is a chance to enjoy his spectacular demos with the Mikado Glogo helicopter.

Raquel Bellot by RB1-RC and soXos will be there as well, especially because the Heli-Professional is the home company. The Heli-Professional sponsored the Helifest just a week before Heli Challenge, so the company is quite active now.

And Tareq Alsaadi is also flying there. This is not the first time, when Tareq attends Heli Challenge, but this is the first time, when he will fly with SAB Goblin Kraken there.

The show doesn't end here. The SwissDrones is presenting the autonomous helicopters to show, what the technology knows today.

But if you want some full size helicopters, you will not be disappointed either, as the Super Puma display is announced to 22nd. Training at 10AM, official display at 2PM. Then the crew is going to be ready to meet the people, answer questions, giving autographs and for photos as well.

All details at the event website and the Facebook page.