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16 June 2019

Saturday summary of Helifest
Premiers, demos and competition

Many things happened on Saturday. There were two premiers, the new Tarot 550/600 and the Egodrift Tengu 2520HV 1880kV were presented to the public. Competition was held in three classes. The weather wasn't that bad, although the gust was dodgy causing many crashes.

Saturday summary of Helifest

One of the biggest attraction of Helifest is the new Tarot 550/600 helicopter which was presented to the public. The interest is really high and the helicopter itself deserves a longer report. But it was seen in action and it is promising.

Other premier was the brand new Egodrift Tengu 2520HV 1880kV motor designed for 450 class helicopters, and Toncsi on behalf of rchelicopter.hu opened the box first time ever. This motor is a quality Egodrift Tengu product again, and it looks beautiful. We will have some details for you later on.

And we have got may demos: Align T-Rex Models, Hely-shop.co.uk, SAB, Soxos, Mikado and so on. Furtunately there was only one shorter break due to the rain, the weather was acceptable mostly. Boots are still required.


First rounds went well yesterday, the finalist on Sunday:

Sports class

  • Andy O'Leary
  • Nick Stroud
  • Rory Mac Sweeney
  • Thomas Edwards
  • Mick Platts


  • Ivan Adams
  • Duncan Khan
  • Summer Fisher
  • Rachel Plant
  • John West


  • Duncan Osbourn
  • Aaron Cole
  • Alex Hawtin
  • Stuart Smith
  • Dave Fisher

And the schedule for Sunday - which can change by the weather

  • 0900 Competition - Sport class
  • 1015 Demos
  • 1100 Open Fun Fly
  • 1200 Competition - Inters class
  • 1300 Demos
  • 1345 Competition - Pro class
  • 1445 Demos
  • 1530 Open Fun Fly
  • 1645 Presentation
  • 1715 Charity Auction
  • 1730 Raffle