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15 June 2019

Align T-Rex 700X arrives in AccuRC
Beta versions contain the model now

AccuRC released the latest model for AccuRC, although this is available only in Beta versions now. After the test phase and fixes, the model will get into production releases as well.

Align T-Rex 700X arrives in AccuRC

AccuRC released the Align T-Rex 700X model, although this model is available only in the alpha and beta branches now. If you are participating in this programme of Steam, you have got this model already, but if you are using the production version, you still have to wait a little bit, but the model comes soon.

The model in AccuRC is a remodelled 3D CAD version of the existing real Align helicopter. It has got 800MX motor and HobbyWing 200A ESC which are modelled by Erik Harnich. Also a special thanks goes to Max Rumpf to help crearing the new model of AccuRC.