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12 June 2019

Heli-professional welcomes Gabriele Rovere
New soXos team pilot at Helifest

Just a day ago Heli-Professional became premium sponsor of Helifest, when the Swiss company promised to introduce a new team pilot. And now the new soXos pilot announced. Heli-Professional and RB1-RC welcome Gabriele Rovere.

Heli-professional welcomes Gabriele Rovere

The Spanish pilot just joined to the team of soXos pilots with the assistance of Raquel Bellot. And he is the third pilot, who will represent Heli-Professional at Helifest.

Gabriele was seen by the public at 3D Furtivos recently, which was held in Spain a month ago. He was RB1-RC team pilot there already, but he is switching to the Swiss soXos helicopters and joins to Team Heli-Professional just now. 

Gabriele will be at Helifest throughout the weekend.