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11 June 2019

Tarot 550/600 about to arrive
Available by end of June, flying at Helifest

It was reported earlier, Minzhi Zhi at Tarot is working hard on this revolutionary helicopter model. More or less information got published about the progress so far, but we have got some great news now.

Tarot 550/600 about to arrive

This interesting model is about to release soon, as Minzhi Zhi said, it will be on the market by end of June. What more, the helicopter is flying already and Helifest is the place, where the new Tarot flagship will be presented in action to the public.

The helicopter is a new conception of model helicopters, where the canopy and the mainframe is combined into one piece, protecting all electronics, providing structural rigidity and good airflow as well. But this is the most important development, not the only one. 

We are planning to introduce this model better after Helifest, stay tuned... 

The most recent test flight

Tarot 550/600 about to arrive