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10 June 2019

Helifest latest news
Weston Park Model Air Show this weekend

Four more days until Weston Park Model Air Show at Telford, Shropshire, which - as always - will be hosting Helifest. And Helifest is the most important UK event for RC heli fanatics. As the days come, we get more and more information about the event.

It's reported already, which companies, and which pilots come from overseas, but we know more about the local pilots, and programmes as well. The event Facebook site shows more information time by time and many others are coming from alternative sources. So it's not too easy to find out what will be there. We collected as much as we could.

Principal sponsors

Align T-Rex Models and Midland Helicopters are the two principal sponsors of Helifest,as in the previous years. Their presences obvious, although Align T-Rex Models is promoting this more actively, than Midland Helicopters. What more: Align T-Rex Models offer an exclusive deal, so stay tuned and follow the Facebook page to know more.

Pilots from overseas

Raquel Bellot, Simone Zunterer are coming certainly. Also Robin Lipke will be at Midland Helicopters representing Mikado Glogo. Team XLPower will be here with Antonio Gomez Rosado and few other top pilots. Dunkan Bossion will represent SAB Heli Division with Goblin Kraken and SAB Avio with Tortuga, so Dunkan will be flying on both the fixed wing (Weston Park) and Helifest sides. And we expect many more.

Pilots in the UK

This is a little bit unnecessary, because who counts, flies or interested in this hobby, and who's able to attend, they all will be there.

According to team presences: Summer and Dave Fisher, Alex Hawtin, Ethan Williams, George Isaacs will compete at Helifest as members of Team Align T-Rex Models. Hely-Shop.co.uk will be represented by Simon Hildrew, Mariusz Jastrzembski, Nick Stroud, Ivan Adams, Jim Sounders, Thomas Edwards, Alan Robinson and Rhys Barber. Aaron Cole also expected to be competing there. And great news: Girls United - including Rachel Plant, Raquel Bellot, Simone Zunterer, however we are not sure about Kim de Weese - can be seen again.

Companies and Brands

SAB Avio and SAB Heli Division are attending officially, so we expect to see them with big displays. XLPower also announced that they are coming, what more, they will have their own raffle at Helifest. We also expect to see Kontronik - as usual. And this year: Egodrift will be at Helifest officially..

And the brand new Oxy 5 helicopter expected to be seen at Align T-Rex Models.

First time ever... in the UK

One of the big bangs of Helifest will be the Tarot 550/600 demo, so the helicopter can be seen in the air first time by the public at Helifest. Minzhi Zhi, designer of the helicopter just published the great news recently.

And much more...

Of course these are ot the all, the weekend will be full of programmes, so don't skip it.

If you - as team pilot, as company, as brand - haven't got mentioned here, then we could not find any information about you.
Do not hesitate to contact us, to tell what to expect from you as we are planning to publish a final teaser later on this week, just before the event...


Helifest latest news