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06 June 2019

Scottish Helicopter Nationals
F3C and F3N competitions by Aberdeen Aeromodellers Flying Club

The "Scottish Heli Nats" was held last weekend in in Banchory, near to Aberdeen in Scotland. More competitions were running in parallel, like F3C, F3N, Sportsman but also auto-spot and scale categories. Three winners were born, and a great weekend were organised in the Scottish summer.

Scottish Helicopter Nationals
Photos: Roger Mayo, Julie Kim Fisher, Jim Selkirk

Steve Roberts won the F3C competition, followed by Roger Mayo, then Andy Pirie. Summer Fisher got the 1st place in Sportsman’s before Paul Baker. Dave Fisher made the 1st position in F3N, Summer - Dave's daughter - was the 2nd, and Steve Roberts finished at the 3rd place. Dave Fisher was 1st in Auto-spot, Colin Robson in Scale categories.

Andy Pirie is best Scottish Pilot.

The event was organised by Ian Corse from AAMFC - as always, who has done a great job. 

Scottish Helicopter Nationals