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06 June 2019

Helifest 2019 - One week to go
What to know so far - Weston Park Model Air Show -

Only one week left and Helifest is here again. The biggest event in the United Kingdom, one of the major events in Europe will be next weekend. What to expect, what to know so far, we collected few things.

Helifest 2019 - One week to go

Well, the Helifest UK Facebook page is still not too stuffed with information, but details are coming slowly. Officially few key programmes are announced: 

Team Align T-Rex Models is represented by Alex Hawtin. Alex is a good guy, a funny character and an extraordinary pilot. If the event wasn't offering more, himself would be enough motivation to travel there.

But Dunkan Bossion, the French superstar pilot of SAB also attends there, and he will be flying his SAB Goblin Kraken and also the SAB Tortuga airplane, so he will be at two flight lines. You know, he is the guy, who was flying the crazy intro of Kraken with the fireworks show at Rotor Live in March.

Antonio Gomez Rosado will be coming too. The Italian XLPower pilot - who flies fast and spectacular with his Specter 700 - will amaze us certainly.


Raquel Bellot, pilot of íband Swiss Heli-Professional will present the soXos Strike 7. She is on of the returning pilots to Helifest.

And of course, all UK pilots will be there certainly, therefore the show is guaranteed.

Sponsors and companies

The two big UK shops: Align T-Rex Models and Midland Helicopters will sponsor the event as usual - this is now a tradition. Without these two great companies Helifest could not exist.

Not all announced yet, but we know:

XLPower will be at Helifest officially. They will keep a Raffle as well and more pilots are promised. We know that Antonio is coming, but who else?

Also SAB will be attending but this year the company is represented on both Weston Park Model Air Show and Helifest sides as well.


There will be a competition, fun fly and the event is full of surprises and secrets, but it will be a great venue. If you miss it, then you miss a lot.

More details coming soon...