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27 May 2019

Oxy 5 recall on one way system
Quality Control discovers a potential problem

Luca Invernizzi, Oxy Helicopter announced the recall on the one way system of the new Oxy 5 helicopter to prevent serial crashes or possible damages. The company request all new Oxy 5 owners not to fly the new helicopters until the system affected will not be replaced.

Oxy 5 recall on one way system
Source: Oxy Helicopter

The problem discovered by Quality Control at Oxy Helicopter can cause power loss during the flight, with other words: the clutch can release up during the flight. The possible failure doesn't affect all helicopters - this is a factory assembly instruction problem, however it is impossible to identify which item is affected, therefore Oxy recalls all. Company will change the colour of the one way system from black to silver to facilitate recognition of new one way system.

All Oxy 5 owners are asked not to fly with black one way system. Silver can fly with no risk.

Oxy informs all new owners, dealers, representatives directly in e-mail and the company start to dispatch the replacement parts this week, because the assembly process is now corrected at the factory. Oxy Helicopter apologies for this problem, hopefully no crash caused so far.

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