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24 May 2019

Global 3D: night flight and speed pilots
Lists not final yet - registration remains open

Global 3D published the momentary lists of night flight and speed pilots Friday morning. These lists look pretty good so far, but they still can change, because the registration is still open.

Global 3D: night flight and speed pilots

Speed pilots

Marc Rodewald (48)

  • Flying class: Unlimited
  • Sponsors: Kontronik, SlowFlyWorld, SLS
  • Helicopter: Henseleit TDS, Motor: Kontronik Pyro 900, ESC: Kontronik Cool Kosmik 250A, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Multiplex

Miles Dunkel (27)

  • Flying Class: Unlimited
  • Sponsors: Minicopter, Gens Ace, Hobbywing
  • Helicopter: Minicopter Diabolo S, Motor: Nova Speed Miles Dunkel Special, ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 200, FBL: Bavarian Demon AXON, Transmitter: Futaba T18MZ

Peter Hsiao (20)

  • Flying Class: Unlimited
  • Sponsors: Gaui, Mks, Scorpion
  • Helicopter: Gaui R5, Motor: Scorpion, ESC: Scorpion 200A, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VControl

Diego Torazza (40)

  • Flying Class: Unlimited
  • Sponsors: Devon-Stock elicotteri elettrici
  • Helicopter: SAB Goblin Comet, Motor: Scorpion HK-4530, ESC: Kontronik Cool Kosmik 200HV, FBL: Mikado VBar, Transmitter: Mikado VControl

Jochen Verfürth (48)

  • Flying Class: Unlimited
  • Sponsors:  Minicopter, Kontronik
  • Helicopter: Minicopter Diabolo S, Motor: Scorpion HK-4540, ESC: Kontronik Cool Kosmik 200HV, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Jeti DS14

Night flight pilots

Jens van der Ploeg (14)

  • Sponsors: 
  • Helicopter: Gaui X5 FES, Motor: Scorpion HK-4020, ESC: Hobbywing Platinum V3 100A, FBL: Microbeast, Transmitter: Spektrum iX12

Simon Schütte (40)

  • Sponsors: His wife :)
  • Helicopter: Align T-Rex 600N, Motor: Align 55HZ Hyper, FBL: Align 3GX, Transmitter: Futaba T8

Marlon Braun (16)

  • Sponsors: Mikado, Xnova Motors, Nexspor
  • Helicopter: Logo 800 Xxtreme, Motor: Xnova, ESC: Hobbywing 160A, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VBar Control Touch

Uwe Naujoks(56) 

  • Sponsors: Gens Ace, Dry Fluid
  • Helicopter: SAB Goblin, Motor: Kontronik, ESC: Kontronik, FBL: <unspecified>, Transmitter: Jeti

Kan Poonnoi (18)

  • Sponsors: XLPower, Egodrift, Helios Battery
  • Helicopter: XLPower Specter 700, Motor: Egodrift, ESC: Hobbywing, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VBar Control

Fabian Kloß (21)

  • Sponsors: SAB Heli Division, Xnova Motors, KST Servos
  • Helicopter: SAb Goblin 700 Sport, Motor: Xnova 4530 Lightning, ESC: TMM 18063-3, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VBar Control

Marius Blöchinger (17)

  • Sponsors: Heli-Professional, Xnova Motors
  • Helicopter: soXos 700, Motor: Xnova 4525 Lightning, ESC: Hobbywing 160A, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VBar Control

Hamish Scott (25)

  • Sponsors: XLPower, Modelflight, Rapid Heli Australia
  • Helicopter: XLPower Specter 700, Motor: Egodrift 4530, ESC: Castle Creations 160HVF, FBL: iKon 2, Transmitter: Jeti DS 14

Maximilian Zick (18)

  • Sponsors: Kontronik, MTTEC, MyLipo
  • Helicopter: Rage RC Chronos RSR, Motor: Kontronik Pyro 750-50 Competition, ESC: Kontronik Kosmik 200HV, FBL: Mikado VBar Neo, Transmitter: Mikado VBar Control Touch

There will be a speed competition at Global 3D 2019 as part of the big venue of RC helicopter flying. The list of speed contest contains five names so far, and Germany dominates it with three pilots.

The most spectacular part of Global 3D will be the night flight. The list of the pilots is not that short here either, it contains 9 names and - as on the previous list - Germany dominates it. Both list have wider age spectrum than the Master or Expert pilot lists. Few pilots flying in the night flight will compete in Expert class as well: Fabian Kloß, Hamish Scott, Maximilian Zick, and Kan Poonnoi is will fly in the Masters class also. Peter Hsiao is the only pilot among the speed pilots, who will compete in one of the other classes, he is also in the Masters class.

It is certain, Global 3D is not going to be boring even this year.

Global 3D: night flight and speed pilots

  • Marc Rodewald
  • Miles Dunkel
  • Peter Hsiao
  • Diego Torazza
  • Jochen Verfürth
  • Jens van der Ploeg
  • Marlon Braun
  • Uwe Naujoks
  • Kan Poonnoi
  • Fabian Kloß
  • Marius Blöchinger
  • Hamish Scott
  • Maximilian Zick