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20 May 2019

Heli Domination in Virginia
And family domination as well

Shawn Wilcox, Cliff Lewis and the guys at Fluvanna County Radio Control Flying Club (FCRCFC) have shown how they understand the #KeepRCHelisAlive, and they created an awesome event, the Heli Domination which was held in Palmyra, Virginia in the United States last weekend.

Heli Domination in Virginia
Sources: Sherman Martin, Shawn Wilcox, Cliff Lewis

This event is one of the unique events across the world, because - of course - about RC helicopters, but instead of being for the pilots only, it's organised for families, wives and children. This hobby is not the game of big boys only. Fortunately the number of ladies is increasing, and even the children are presented better now then before.

Heli Domination was full of programs. Heli hunting with paintball for the kids, RC car driving for children, night flights, arts and crafts for ladies and finally but last: RC helicopter flying for the pilots. This is how a family-focused event is organised, and the Heli Domination made it well.

Fortunately the guys at FCRCFC weren't alone with their approach, sponsors agreed to support this event. Helilids, Only Fine Helis, Synergy, Scorpion, KDE, University Dive and Hobby, Heli Direct, KBDD, Progressive RC. were up to help to create this event.

And what's the purpose of this event? As Cliff Lewis expressed to us:

We want the wives and kids to want to be there as much as the RC pilots! It makes everything so much more fun for everyone that way.

20 registered pilots, many families enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Palmyra, Virginia.

More about the event is or will be at the Facebook page

Heli Domination in Virginia