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20 May 2019

F3N League Competition No. 2
The round up in the North

Deeside is a typical small English city not so far from Liverpool. This little city and its model club, the Deeside Model Aircraft Club hosted the second round of the F3N League Competition in the United Kingdom on Sunday, yesterday.

F3N League Competition No. 2
Click for more... / All images: Julie Kim Fisher & F3N UK

It is known, as you are travelling up to North in Great Britain, the chance of showers is getting higher. Gloomy weather has been forecasted throughout the last week, perhaps this was the reason, why less people turned up than in general at the F3N events.

But - also as usual in the United Kingdom - the weather wasn't actually that bad, therefore the competition organised by F3N UK was held normally. Julie Kim Fisher could manage everything well again.

Dave Fisher won this competition. Callum Henson finished at the 2nd place, Summer Fisher (Dave and Julie's daughter) has got the 3rd place. Surprising, but the 4th Mariusz Jastrzembski entered in the competition under Polish flag, and the 5th Yunjia Zou (alias Duncan Khan) flew under Chinese flag making the competition international. Rachel Plant finished at the 6th place. There weren't more pilots this weekend, but the next competition in the UK is not so far: 21st of July.

Final results

  • 1
    Dave Fisher
    United Kingdom
  • 2
    Callum Henson
    United Kingdom
  • 3
    Summer Fisher
    United Kingdom
  • 4
    Mariusz Jastrzembski
  • 5
    Yunjita Zou
  • 6
    Rachel Plant
    United Kingdom

Detailed results in the gallery


F3N League Competition No. 2