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20 May 2019

AccuRC 2.0.8 demo available
Demo version of RC simulator updated on Steam

Before anyone purchases a product, he or she likes to try it. This is the purpose of a demo version. AccuRC has released the demo version of 2.0.8 on Steam, there's a way to test the software.

AccuRC 2.0.8 demo available

However many of people complain about the biggest limitation: 5 minutes flight time. This is a bit confusing indeed, because most of the demo programs don't start again after the demo time has expired. This is a big difference in case of AccuRC, when the time's up, it is possible to restart the application, and the counter resets, so there's the 5 minutes testing time again as long as you want.

Other limitation in the program is the only available model: Mikado Logo 700. The applications is functioning as the normal license, therefore it can be tested, how the final program will behave on the computer. Well recommended to run the demo first before purchasing the final one, just to avoid any frustration, even so the software is not too pricey, as it costs £39.99.

Only thing you need: a computer, any device to connect your transmitter to the computer (apart from the dedicated dongles of other simulators), a free Steam account and the Steam client installed on your computer. Then you can find and download the application in the store and everything is ready to go.