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20 May 2019

Amazing weekend at 3D Furtivos 2019
Event in Spain deserves a shout-out

No doubt, 3D Furtivos 2019 was the loudest event on the online platforms recently and not with no reasons. It was a great event from more point of views and everyone skipping it this year has to schedule the weekend in Spain next year.

Amazing weekend at 3D Furtivos 2019
Source: Antonio Gomez Rosado, Kan Poonnoi, 3D Furtivos

First reason is the place, where the event was held. A professional airfield - what an airfield, airport - with concrete runway, surrounded by trees and the nature with the top infrastructure possible for modellers.

Second is the number of the pilots. About 60 pilots were registered before the event, and if we counted well, about 60 people were flying there. Among the pilots many known ones turned up, like Kan Poonnoi, Antonio Gomez Rosado, Valerio Bottero, Marius Gehle, Lilian Many, the Hatz family: Lucas and Simon, Mirko Cesena, Ludovic Abrignani, Marik Wiehenstroth and so on, we listed them before. An fun fly style event could not wish better list. 

Third is the sponsors: GAUI, Optipower, Scorpion, ManiaX, NeXT, CentroRC Levante, Mikado Model Helicopters and Helidigital which is also a really satisfying list. 

Results of the contest

The event is a fun fly, but the team of Furtivos organised a little home contest just for fun. Because this wasn't an official competition, no more results recorded.

Flight with Music

  1. Kan Poonnoi
  2. Ludovic Abrignani
  3. Antonio Gomez

Night Flight

  1. Valerio Botero
  2. Mirko Cesena
  3. Albert Pla

A pattern to follow by other events

This is, what is a reason not just for interested people, but organisers at other events to follow 3D Furtivos. This is the event, how it has to be managed, organised, promoted. Somehow the guys could manage to be in the focus for weeks, and being followed strongly in the last two weeks before the event. 

During the weekend videos, photos, news got uploaded almost every hour. And if this wasn't enough, this is one of the few events which makes the post communication well - even now - not to forget saying thanks to sponsors, pilots and everyone, and they are sharing the contents still. 

This is one of the best communicated event of the year so far. 

All together, the Furtivos Team RC has done a really good job, that's why we put it in our calendar next year. Do the same.

Many contents are available at the event Facebook page.

We also share all contents turning up on our Facebook page.

Amazing weekend at 3D Furtivos 2019