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16 May 2019

Global 3D: judges and scoring
Who is Niels Breet?

Global 3D posted the picture of Galactic Judges earlier in this month. Most of the judges are known, but there is the 5th name: Niels Breet. To be honest: finally we had to turn to the source, Global 3D to know more about him.

Global 3D: judges and scoring


Jason Platts

He is one of the well known character of the RC helicopter community in the UK. He is Mr. Helifest, and organiser of many events in the foggy Albion. He is a happy, but strict person, who's correct always. He flies RC helicopters for many-many years. Well experienced with deep knowledge about how to fly.

Alex Wiehenstroth

He is well known person in the RC community as well. He is working at Mikado Model Helicopters, but supports many other companies. He has got a long past in the hobby as well. Correct and strong-minded judge.

Kevin Targett

Also a fixture in the hobby, in the United Kingdom at least. He is from London. Nice person with really strong knowledge and experience in competitions. Less known in farther countries as he has no such a big online activity than others.

Dunkan Bossion

Perhaps the most known person among the judges, especially to the online community, the current generation. Dunkan Bossion is the pilot of Team SAB, he was one of the luckiest ones flying SAB Goblin Kraken first. He introduced the new flagship of SAB with Tareq Alsaadi at Rotor Live. His judging experience is less than others, but his flying knowledge is not questionable. 

Niels Breet 

We could not identify him, nobody knew him among the people we asked. Walter Robijns, head of Global 3D was kind to tell us more. So we know who Niels is:

He is the Dutch secret.

Niels is one of the top pilots in Holland, friend of Walter. They have been at many events together, like 3D Masters and Heli Masters, but Niels is not competing, therefore he is less or not known to the wider, international public. As Walter shared with us, how it started:

He sits there and critics every flight meticulously anyway, so I asked him "why don't you do this as a judge? You’ll be perfect for it."
And he has done an awesome job all these years. His judging is spot on and in line with the 3DX judging we want to see.

As Walter summarised:

All of our judges have passion for Helicopters and share the vision on what it takes to be “the Best of the Best”.

We look the most all round pilot on criteria which the spectators agree with. Sets are important during sets but Freestyle is completely freestyle. Being Technical en precise is essential and inventiveness is encouraged. We are not looking for the repetition of sets in freestyle like some other formats. This makes it harder to judge because there is less “standard” in the flights to judge. That is why we need experienced pilots as judges to appreciate what the competitors are showing, and knowing how hard it is.

And we have 5 judges to even out personal preference to flying styles.


The scoring applied at Global 3D is the general 3DX scoring standard. This is what the Global 3D want to get from the judges.

Set Manoeuvres

The Entrant must choose 5 different manoeuvres from the 3DX Manoeuvres List. Each Judge may award up to 10 points for each manoeuvre which will be multiplied by the "k" factor.


The Freestyle element of 3DX seeks to explore the skills of the pilot in assembling a sequence of manoeuvres, which accurately reflect his overall capability in putting on a 3D performance.

The Judges have five (5) elements to score with equal weighting.

  • 30 - Variety and Innovative Manoeuvres
  • 30 - Choreography
  • 30 - Excitement and Crowd Appeal
  • 30 - Precision, Definition and Control
  • 30 - Technical Content

Music scoring breakdown

The Judges award 25 points in each of the following categories:

  • 25 - Synchronisation
  • 25 - Harmony (Musical Interpretation)
  • 25 - Innovation
  • 25 - Excitement and crowd appeal
  • 25 - Precision and Control
  • 25 - Technical Content

Overall Scoring

The maximum score available for each competitor for each round is as follows:

  • Set Manoeuvres
    5 Manoeuvres each worth 10 points, maximum k3 = 5 × 10 × 3 = 150 points
  • Freestyle
    5 categories each worth maximum 30 points = 150 points
  • Flight to Music
    6 categories each worth 25 points = 150 points
The overall scoring summary applied by Global 3D in PDF format. Same as the list above.