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14 May 2019

Team of SAB in the UK disbanded
Confirmed by Enrico Bernabei, SAB

Enrico Bernabei has confirmed that the UK team of SAB is disbanded by yesterday. There are different variations and speculation as well about the reason, but what happened exactly? A lesson to everyone.

Team of SAB in the UK disbanded

As Matt Lodge posted on Facebook yesterday, himself and many others have got the message from SAB yesterday, their sponsorship contracts are terminated by immediate effect. A huge row broke out among team members and others on Facebook over the situation, blaming each other, and attacking everyone, finding wicked members.

But all speculations are wrong so far. SAB's decision is not related to the volume of sponsorship, not related to preferring one better than other one, and not related to any financial benefits or questions. SAB has made the simplest and most effective decision in an argument going on for weeks now among team members.

Enrico Bernabei informed us, yes, he knows there are innocent victims of this outcome as well, but the the most effective way to end the current situation is just resetting everything in the UK. As Enrico said:

Rather than saying "you yes, you no, you yes, you no", I though the best thing to do is a big "reset" and rebuild the team, a new team

Enrico told us, it is possible SAB will contact even former members for the new team, but the whole UK team is free apparently. SAB takes it seriously:

Team means teamwork

SAB - as a professional company - simply cannot accept that one of their teams blows up and puts internal conflicts to public arguing with each other in unaccepted style. Being sponsored representing the company means responsibility as well. Dignity is also part of this representation. Board of SAB are really sorry about this situation but there wasn't better way simply to close this bad and never ending dispute.