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12 May 2019

Heli Challenge asks for help
The event in Switzerland can get cancelled

Markes Hugo, organiser of Heli Challenge turned to the community with this very worrying message yesterday. As he messaged us, there are not enough pilot and helper registrations. This message is published in German and in English as well.

Heli Challenge asks for help

As Markes Hugo asks the community, they need more pilot and helper registrations by 20th of May, otherwise the famous Heli Challenge will be cancelled this year. And honestly, cancellation of an event for one year is never a good sign, it might turn into more years, or even worse, permanent situation. So please, if you can, if you want, help Markes and the Heli Challenge.

The event will be held on 22-23rd of June in Dübendorf, Switzerland, a little bit more than in a month.

Registration is available here...

The message of Markes Hugo is posted on Facebook, it has many shares already, we have seen it at Xnovamotors.