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10 May 2019

Jan and Daniel Schreier at XLPower
XLPower strengthens in Germany

Jan Schreier and Daniel Schreier joined to Team XLPower - the company announced on Facebook this morning. The number of XLPower sponsored team pilots is increasing to 19 with these pilots.

Jan and Daniel Schreier at XLPower

It is not surprising - at least in case of Daniel - because Daniel is listed among Global 3D pilots in Expert class, the XLPower and Egodrift are there among the main sponsors. However the official announcement by XLPower just happened. Daniel was flying Mikado Logo helicopters before. 

Jan was also flying with Logo helicopters at Mikado so far, and he is also known pilot of the German community. Congratulations to both pilots and well done XLPower.

Daniel Schreier