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08 May 2019

Rebels Fun Fly 2019
Great weekend in Australia

The famous Rebels Fun Fly was held last weekend in Newcastle, Australia. And it was even longer than the weekend as it started on Wednesday with the Align Academy run by Alan Szabo Jnr, Danny Szabo and Gale Align. There were many pilots, among others few known ones as well.

Rebels Fun Fly 2019
Source of the photos: Rebels Fun Fly, Matt Tucker

The event sponsored by Align Corporation, Mad4Helis and Zen RC was really successful with more than 50 pilots and constant flights. And just days before the final release the SAB Goblin Kraken was presented here in Australia first time.

But not to forget other brands, because Align got represented by the famous Szabo brothers as well. Alan Szabo Jr. and Danny Szabo were flying there, and - especially Danny's crazy flight - is memorable.

Danny Szabo - a big save at 1:01 and a not too nice ending

Among the hosts there was Rhys Wyatt, the youngest pilot of Team Align who has got the chance to fly Ben Storick's T-Rex 800E helicopter. The heli is longer than Rhys himself. But if you know this little lad and his knowledge of flying, it wasn't a big risk by Ben.

Alan Szabo Jr. presented: he still able to fly flybar heli in form of a T-Rex 600.

Many brands turned up like Align, Mikado, Gaui, SAB and so on.  The weather was great, so the number of pilots attending has reached 54. Not bad at all especially in such a big country like Australia, where the population is low and cities are light years far from each other. 

Next big event in Australia is the reborn SA Helifest between 26-29 September.

Much more photos and videos at the Rebels Fun Fly Facebook page.

Rebels Fun Fly 2019

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